In case anyone is interested in reading about the live experience I went to at the Sands this past Saturday February 2.
First I would like to say oh my goodness Theresa is honestly one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life! She just radiates with beauty! If you think she is pretty on t.v. oh my God wait until you see her in person! She is already a very beautiful woman and her soul is even more beautiful so when you see her in person you can literally see her beautiful soul just glow through her! Her personality is just to die for (no pun intended, lol). You see she is so classy but she curses like a sailor and she is absolutely laugh out loud funny! And her laugh I could listen to all day! I wish I could just carry her in my pocket!!
Anyways, so I personally didn’t get a reading but I am not upset about it at all because even though she didn’t directly speak to me I truly still received many messages through what is called piggybacking. You see all because of her show my entire day was filled with magic and good memories. I truly felt my husband with me the entire 6 1/2 hour road trip. I felt like I was getting signs the entire day from him! And I can honestly thank Theresa for that because of her I got to experience the whole magical day!
If you have not seen her in person I highly recommend it! I’m literally thinking about driving driving to South Florida next month! LoL
Hope everyone has a beautiful and blessed day!
Thanks again Theresa, you are an amazing beautiful woman!-Jonibeth Pierangelino

Just saw you Saturday night at Sands Bethlehem. Loved your show, I was the the helicopter mechanic that you talked to. I thought you were spot on with your reading. I loved how you opened your show being a Marine Corps veteran with 22 years in service!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!-James Finnegan

VANCOUVER 10/24/17

Thank you for coming to Vancouver BC, my daughters surprised me with my ticket 1/2 an hour before the show. You have been high on my bucket list for a long time, but you also live, very, very far away. It was a magical night. I cried lots of tears, but good tears. Love your shoes, your bling, your wonderful sense of humour. When you asked about the 3 mountains, I got goose bumps. The Three we usually talk about are on the North Shore, Cypress, Grouse and Seymour Mountains and between are the Lions.
All of it, pure magic- Fran Banks

I just seen you at the Vancouver show!! Thank you for such a heart warming and amazing experience we love you . Your so freaking adorable! 🌹💞-‎Tamara Peepeetch‎

Just got back from Theresa Caputo what an amazing experience, Out of 3000 people attending the show she actually came up and read me, and just nailed every detail about Tyler and things about him and us there was just no way she could have know. just amazing-Brandon Abt

Evening Theresa just arrived home from seeing your appearance and wow you are fabulous not only for the people u touched tonight especially the young girl and her mom but your personality is so fun. Can’t wait to read the book and see the new season. Enjoy Kelowna safe trip-Theresa Carter

Saw Theresa last night in Vegas! More hysterical in person than on the show. I did not go wanting a reading. I’m good with my peeps in spirit. It was awesome to see healing of others and done in a way you can laugh too. Bring tissues it’s easy to cry for others. Lovely night. Nice guns Theresa I do boot camp every day. You obviously work it too. Don’t know if Larry was with you but if the family travels with you it would be neat to introduce them -Kaitlin Washburn‎

What an awesome show tonight in Las Vegas!!! We love you Teresa!!! Love from Donny’s wife -‎Melissa Goodson‎ 💕

Hi Theresa! My daughter and I attended your show last night in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo! The show was amazing so many guests who received spirit from you last night Were able to get some great healing! Funny when you sang that song “I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck was a validation for my daughter and myself and my family that was my sister Connie Pepe who passed away last year after being diagnosed with cancer died one month later very quickly solast night when you sang that song I knew she was sending this Message it was validation to us that Connie is still with us as I knew anyway but it was great to hear I’m glad to know that she is always with us in spirit! Thank you for your amazing gift from spirit May God bless you and always hold you in his loving white light ! We love you 😍😘💋🙏🏼😇✨🌟✨look forward to watching your show November 6 I believe can’t wait!💝🙏🏼💝😇🔮🎥🎞📺Love & Peace Denise Adonis 💕💖✨🌟

I went to your show in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Monday night. I loved everything about it including seeing you, your readings which were amazing, your shoes that I could hardly take my eyes off of, and just being in your presence. You have a great gift and I’d like to thank you so much for sharing it. Please come back again! –

Theresa – saw you tonight in Manchester – you are awesome – don’t know how you could read that many spirits in one room but you did it well, and with a sense of humor. And kudos for climbing over the hockey door in a skirt!Theresa Ricca Bisson‎

I saw you in AC. You are incredible. I watch your show all the time and I must say that TV does you no justice. Your are gorgeous in person!! God Bless everything that you do to bring comfort to others.-Janai Fragapane

You changed my life last night, thank you so much-‎Debbie Ring McCann‎

Your show was AMAZING tonight in Manchester New Hampshire -‎Deana Bouchard‎


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