Fan Club Update

Fan Club Update

So many amazing things have happened and are happening. Thank you so much for being a member!

If you haven’t heard already, Theresa has two new shows on Lifetime.Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits and Theresa Caputo Beyond The ReadingsCheck your local listings for times and dates. Both shows are available to stream on Lifetime, Amazon, Hulu, Sling and many more streaming services.

We have announced 33 new US and Canada dates for the summer and fall with more dates being added. Check out Theresa’s schedule and get tickets here.

It has been an amazing year to date! The Fan Club was created for the protection of the fans. With exclusive Fan Club only pre-sales, fan club only giveaways and the ONLY way to contact Theresa’s team (Please be cautious of the many scams out there pretending to be Theresa or representatives of Theresa) After operating expenses, all the money from the Fan Club goes directly back to the fans in the form of giveaways and donations. 

Exclusive Giveaways to Fan Club Members 

  • Fan Club members have been chosen by the club to receive readings as guests on Theresa’s podcast Hey Spirit!
  • For the holidays, we had the 12 days of Theresa giving away $12,000 in $1,000 gift cards.
  • In celebration of Theresa’s birthday on June 10, we gave away another $5,000 in $500.00 gift cards to our members.
  • We paid it forward in April with another $10,000 gift card giveaway.
  • We have given tickets and VIP meet and greets to every show that was on the Winter calendar.
  • We hosted a Fan Club only party where Theresa met with members to say hello and take some pictures. We have more planned for the upcoming dates in the US and in CANADA. More info coming soon!
  • You may have received some Fan Club swag if you were a long-time member. We sent out 100 custom stainless steel drinking containers.

We have donated to various foundations in the name of the Fan Club.

  • The John Theissen Children’s Foundation-Donations were given to support the amazing work that John Theissen does for children battling cancer and other life-altering events. We also donated Art Supplies in the name of Jackson Wilkinson, whose parents were read at a live show. Jackson loved art, so Theresa felt It was an amazing way to honor his memory. 
  • KJE Foundation -JoJo was one of the top high school basketball players on Long Island who was killed in a car crash. The Fan Club donated $6,000 to the foundation, so they were able to hold the annual basketball tournament that was held in his honor. It was a huge success, and we hope to continue to donate annually. 
  • The Angel on Long Island Foundation
  • The Jonathan Diller fund 
  • The Elly Cares Project
  • The Ryan T Horodinicki fund 

There is so much more coming this year! We’re so proud and honored to be part of Theresa’s team and we both thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!
Sylvia & Victoria