5 Questions with Sharon Padilla

1. When did you first become a fan of Theresa/LIM? I became a fan since her show Long Island Medium first started in 2011.  Her enthusiasm is so enjoyable.  I love how she interacts with everyone she meets.

2. How has Theresa affected your life? I’m now open to the idea of spirits visiting us all from the afterlife.  I used to be so practical, pragmatic, and linear.  I feel like I have more color in my life now.  

3. If you have attended The Live Experience - what was it like for you? I attended The Live Experience at the Paramount Theater in Seattle with my friend Barb. During the event, Theresa read the lady right next to me, whose mother was murdered.  The cameramen and lights were right there and I froze.  Theresa finished reading the lady next to me, then was asking if the number 912 meant anything to anyone.  She repeated this a few times.  I was still frozen from the camera and lights so close but I knew that number and what it meant instantly.  The numbers 912 was part of a security code combination myself and my husband used to use, I had to say it out loud in my thoughts when I needed to use it. The number represents the date our adopted daughter came to us 9/1/2009.  Our daughter was a distant lost family member that we became aware of by a very freak chance.  She was in foster care in another state as a baby.  I believe my mother, aunties, and grandmother’s spirits guided me to her, her to us, and to all the people that helped us adopt her.  I wish I had answered Theresa that day at the Live Experience when she asked if the number 912 meant anything to anybody.  I feel like I passed up a chance there. 

4. What is your favorite thing about the Fan Club? That the membership fees are donated.  I like that the Fans are all like-minded that this is all very real.  

5. If you could give Theresa a message - what would it be? Thank you so much for developing and sharing your gift.  I’m guessing it was not easy for you in the beginning but I think you’ve helped so many find peace which we all need.  Lives are so chaotic and busy and everything goes so fast, you remind us to stop and listen.  You need to visit Alaska someday.  Stay safe in this crazy pandemic everyone.