5 Questions with Kristin Ziegler

1. When did you first become a fan of Theresa/LIM? I believe it was around 2012 when I first heard of Theresa through the Long Island Medium TV show and I was instantly a fan. It was a difficult period in my life and seeing the healing that Theresa was bringing to others in pain brought me a certain level of comfort and hope as well. 

2. How has Theresa affected your life? To see some evidence that we are not alone here and that there is a higher purpose beyond what is happening in the physical world has encouraged me to continue placing one foot in front of the other as I walk through the grief and sadness. 

3. If you have attended The Live Experience - what was it like for you? I have attended a few live experiences and I just love that Theresa walks through the crowd availing herself to wherever spirit takes her. I am embarrassed and regretful to admit though that I believe she may have had a message for me but I was too shy to speak up in front of the thousands of people in the crowd. 

4. What is your favorite thing about the Fan Club? I truly appreciate that Theresa consistently returns the profits made through the fan club back to fan club members as well as donates to worthy charities. If I were in a position to do so, that is exactly how I would wish to run a business or fan club. If every human being did something to pay it forward, imagine how different our world would look today. 

5. If you could give Theresa a message - what would it be? If I had the opportunity, I would thank Theresa for having the courage to face the fears and anxiety she experienced in her younger years in order to discover and develop her gift of healing. It couldn’t have been easy then and it certainly can’t be easy now to put yourself out there to face potential criticism and ridicule over something that many do not understand. Her consistent messages of paying it forward, positivity, love, and healing are especially appreciated in this often cruel world we are living in today.