5 Questions with Joy Ebosh

1. When did you first become a fan of Theresa/LIM? I started watching Theresa in 2011 on tv like everyone else

2. How has Theresa affected your life? What changed for me was when my grandmother died in 2012 and my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I began to wonder what was life going to be like without all the people I loved in my life.

3. If you have attended The Live Experience - what was it like for you? My mother and I have always had vision dreams once in a while or things that happen unexplained during the day. We always felt it was our loved ones. We truly didn't understand the signs we were getting until we went to a live experience in 2016 the year my daddy died.. Theresa was amazing and even though we didn't get a personal reading dad came thru loud and clear. At first, we didn't get it but throughout the show, Theresa kept saying this song "I did it my way, keeps popping in my head" we started to cry because that was my father's favorite song and the way he handled his cancer and the way he died was all him. He was our rock, the glue that held our entire family together.. That night Theresa gave us the most precious gift ever, comfort in my dad's passing.
Mom and I went to 2 more live experiences and every time dad and grandma came thru. We left feeling hope... Just going to her live experience helps to lighten the pain and heaviness you feel after losing a loved one.. I highly suggest you go to a live experience.. Keep your mind open and a heart full of love and you will receive a little message from your loved ones.

4. What is your favorite thing about the Fan Club? Finally, I took the plunge and joined the Fan Club... Everyone is warm, passionate, positive and experienced Theresa's message from beyond in a different way. It's nice to hear stories and know you're not alone. If that wasn't enough,  we get first picks on show's, cruises and give a ways... It's a double bonus.

5. If you could give Theresa a message - what would it be? 

Thank you Theresa for all you do and for letting all of us into your family.. I am truly inspired to use the sadness I've gone thru and turn it into a positive lifestyle... I can continue to live life knowing that everyone we lost is waiting for us and until then they are protecting and guiding us.
Joy Ebosh