5 Questions with Jeri Mcgetrick

1. When did you first become a fan of Theresa/LIM? I have been a fan of Theresa for years, but just recently joined the Theresa Caputo Fan Club. Hoping to cruise with Theresa and her family to the Bahamas in November. When I found out that you get first choice as a fan, and that the money goes back to charities and giving back to the members, I was thrilled! What a great opportunity. 

2. How has Theresa affected your life? She has taught me that death isn’t the end, that you will see your loved ones again. Knowing that they will be greeting me at my time of death and that my beloved pets will also be there, is so comforting and amazing. I now realize that they are always with us and watching over us. She has changed my whole outlook on life and death, in a positive way. I can’t thank her enough for sharing her special gift with the world and devoting her life to helping others. 

3. If you have attended The Live Experience - what was it like for you? I went to see Theresa in 2015 and 2017  when she was in Tucson, Arizona. I love how she interacts with the audience. It was an amazing experience and we were lucky enough to get seats close to the stage. She is so sincere in her readings and truly understands and feels what their loved ones are communicating with them. So very happy she has chosen to share her amazing gift. She read some people that were around me, and it was amazing to see that and how much it touched their lives. Hoping to join her and her family on “Theresa Caputo Live At Sea” Cruise. That will be an amazing trip.

4. What is your favorite thing about the Fan Club? Love that Theresa gives back, donating to charities and giving back to the members. I also love that members get an opportunity to purchase tickets ahead of the public, and it keeps us up to date on any upcoming events. Being able to communicate with her staff is so awesome if you have any questions. I love the fan club! And the opportunities it gives us.

5. If you could give Theresa a message - what would it be?  would thank her for devoting her life to helping others with her special gift. For giving back, and all the charities she has helped. She is so selfless and so true to herself. Thank you for sharing your special gift and your family, for your honesty, sincereness and helping so many people who have lost loved ones. Helping so many people have a better understanding of the afterlife, and comforting so many souls. Thank you for just being yourself Theresa, and sharing that with everyone.