5 Questions with Cathy Stephens

1. When did you first become a fan of Theresa/LIM?  I have been a fan since the show first started years ago. 

2. How has Theresa affected your life? Watching Theresa and learning about her gift has given me confidence and peace to accept my own gift. Freedom to be me, shoot from the hip and express myself and use my God-given gift as He sees fit in my dog training business. No doubt in my mind dogs have souls. I mailed a large packet after Petey passed offering to help her get a dog from a local rescue but no response. 

3. If you have attended The Live Experience - what was it like for you?  I saw Theresa in New Orleans and it was awesome! I respect her 200% more than I did before. She is a woman after my own heart.  I loved the national anthem before the show and recognizing our veterans. I train with disabled veterans for them to have service dogs and I love the military.  I so enjoyed seeing her adorable personality!  She embraces who she is in her own skin and it's so refreshing and what we all need to learn in this world. 

4. What is your favorite thing about the Fan Club? I love how she gives to charities and gives back to fans. In my own dog training business, I want to get to a point where I can donate my dog training funds to local rescues but I'm not there yet. 

5. If you could give Theresa a message - what would it be?  Stay strong my friend!  ANYTIME you are doing God's work you will have obstacles. Keep your faith and go forward. I love your no-nonsense attitude about what you do and that is how it should be. It's a gift and you are doing God's work. I'm the same in my business as a certified dog trainer.  I sent you a packet after Petey passed offering to help you find a new dog via a local shelter but no response. IF you are home alone and would like companionship I would be honored to help you find your own small dog to be at home with you and it could travel with you. I would gladly take a week of vacation and help you find the dog and help you get situated with the pup via a local rescue. OR I could bring a dog to you once we decided what you wanted. This would promote the adoption of animals as well via a rescue. I do feel it's best to pick your own pup but I could help.  I tell my clients all the time dog spelt backwards is God and there is a reason a dog comes into our lives--as you see all the time.  Thank you for helping so many. I pray I get to buy you lunch one day!  Keep smiling! You're a beautiful soul!